#SwapBAND Trading Contest Spotlight — Band Protocol

Let’s learn more about our current trading contest partner: Band Protocol!

  • What is Band Protocol?
  • How are they different?
  • BAND Token Utility & Staking
  • Current partners and integrations methods.

What is Band Protocol?

Band Protocol is a cross-chain decentralized oracle solution that provides smart contracts the tools to specify and aggregate data sources that developers use to securely build any decentralized application. Based on Cosmos-SDK, Band Protocol is the first oracle solution to provide full flexibility for developers to choose their data sources and aggregate the data to their respective needs. All blockchains such as Ethereum, cannot access real-world data and API available outside their network and must rely on an oracle service which connects external data and APIs to blockchain.

Band Protocol’s Unique Features

Flexible Data Request Script

How Has Band Protocol Been Integrated With Partners?

Since Band’s launch onto the Ethereum mainnet, they have collaborated with over 20+ partners in the blockchain ecosystem which include bZx, Fantom, Wanchain, Troy, Elrond, Tomochain, Constant, Incognito, AirSwap and more!

The Band Protocol Team

We’ve met the Band Protocol team multiple times at Devcon 5, Osaka Blockchain Week (and Beyond Consensus Meetup), and the DEX’s on Ethereum meetup where we discussed the state of oracles and the expansive use-cases for DeFi protocols that could emerge through a more robust oracle standard.

Band Protocol Founding Team

Recent Band Protocol Updates

  • Band Protocol partners up with over 16 reputable block validators including Cosmostation, Stakefish, Chorus One, StakeWithUs, Figment Networks, Infstones, Forbole and more.
  • Band Protocol partners up with layer-1 blockchains Elrond, Tomochain, Wanchain, Fantom, Kava, Portal Network to provide a secure, scalable cross-chain oracle solution.
  • Band Protocol has partnered up decentralized applications bZx, 2key, Incognito, Troy, Kyber Network, AirSwap to integrate low-latency, cost-effective oracles.
  • BandChain’s Phase 0 testnet #2 launched successfully
  • Band Protocol co-hosts Cross-Chain Virtual Hackathon with over $24,000 in prizes alongside Cosmos & Agoric.

Band Protocol Technical Resources

Band Protocol Social Media



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