Phishing Alert on KyberSwap

For example:

Here is an example of how a scammer posed as a Kyber team member on Telegram:

  • FAKE Telegram ID (I is capital i): manhIx3006 → This is FAKE

Example of SPAM email and telegram account

Spam email and telegram account

Users are advised to be wary of such emails and messages

  • will NEVER ask customers to provide their Ethereum wallet’s private key.
  • Verify the details in the messages from KyberSwap. Always check that the message comes from official KyberSwap team members and admins (admins have the admin tag on Telegram).
  • Do not proceed further by clicking on links provided in emails. Go directly to KyberSwap’s website or use our mobile applications in order to access our services.
  • REMEMBER: DO NOT ever give your Ethereum wallet private key details to anyone, even if the person claims to be from the KyberSwap team. If you suspect that you have been contacted by unauthorised parties, contact us immediately in order to help you.
Always check for admin tag at KyberSwap official telegram group



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